12-10 -2021
What is a normal perfume bottle size?

Perfumes are sold in a variety of bottle sizes which indicate the volume of fluid in the bottle, decant or vial of scent. They are typically measured in milliliters (ml) or ounces. When measured in ounces this is generally indicated by fl oz. or just oz.

12-10 -2021
How do you clean a perfume bottle completely?

Everyone may wish to reuse an empty perfume bottle. So we need to clean glass perfume bottle competely. There are many steps to clean perfume bottles.

12-13 -2021
What is fire polishing in glass blowing?

Fire polishing is a technique employed in glass fabricating. It also known as flame polishing, is a method of polishing a material, usually glass or thermoplastics, by exposing it to a flame or heat. There are many advantages.

11-30 -2023
Daxin Glass Wows Beautyworld Middle East with an Extravagant Showcase of New Perfume Glass Bottle Designs and More

Daxin Glass, a renowned name in the glass manufacturing industry, made a stunning debut at Beautyworld Middle East, leaving a lasting impression with their grand display of new and innovative glass packaging solutions. The event witnessed an overwhelming turnout, with industry professionals, beauty enthusiasts, and potential clients flocking to the Daxin Glass booth.

11-30 -2023
Daxin Glass Dominates the Scene at China Import and Export Fair with a Grand Showcase of Perfume Glass Bottles

Daxin Glass, a leading name in the glass manufacturing industry, stole the spotlight at the recent China Import and Export Fair with an impressive display of their exquisite perfume glass bottles and glass jars. The company's booth attracted a large number of visitors, including industry experts, potential clients, and curious onlookers.

11-30 -2023
Daxin Glass Captivates Audiences at the 10th China-ASEAN(Thailand) Commodity Fair with 15 Years of Glass Manufacturing Mastery

Xuzhou Daxin Glass Products Co., Ltd, a stalwart in the glass manufacturing industry for over 15 years, showcased its distinguished products at the esteemed 10th China-ASEAN(Thailand) Commodity Fair (CACF). The fair proved to be a resounding success, highlighting the company's commitment to excellence in crafting exquisite glass products, including perfume bottles, diffuser bottles, and more.

08-03 -2023
Unveiling the Intricate World of Perfume Bottle Aesthetics.

Perfume bottles are not only functional containers for holding fragrances but also serve as works of art and expressions of luxury and elegance.

12-10 -2021
How are glass perfume bottles manufactured?

Creating glass perfume bottle can be accomplished by one of two different processes – the Blow and Blow, or the Press and Blow process. Each process is chosen based on the kind of glass perfume bottle being made.

07-05 -2023
How do you travel with a perfume bottle?

You can't always pack the 100ml bottle of your favourite perfume: it's fragile, bulky and feels like a waste of precious space on a short trip for just a few spritzes each day.

06-16 -2023
How to custom glass bottle?

Custom glass bottles are personalized glass containers that are designed and manufactured according to specific requirements.

02-18 -2022
How can I use up perfume I don't like?

One of the other uses of perfume includes greasing stains and residual tapes. Just spray it on the cotton rag and wipe the grease-stained area.

02-18 -2022
How to dispose of perfume?

All you need to do is spraying the leftover perfume on dry cotton balls or unscented dried flowers. And then you can place these little fragrant wonders in the particularly place.

08-15 -2023
Introducing Our Custom Diffuser Bottle Collection

A custom diffuser bottle is a meticulously designed and crafted vessel specifically intended for use with fragrance diffusers. Unlike traditional perfume bottles, which are designed to hold and dispense liquid fragrances, custom diffuser bottles are optimized for the controlled release of aromatic scents into the air, creating an inviting and pleasant atmosphere in homes, offices, and other spaces.

08-09 -2023
The Unbeatable Benefits of Our Innovative Perfume Bottle Design

Certainly, here are some additional selling points to highlight the features and benefits of your "new design perfume bottle"

08-08 -2023
Exploring the Alluring Advantages of Modern Perfume Bottle Artistry

Certainly, here are some potential advantages of new design perfume bottles

06-16 -2023
What is glass bottle?

A glass bottle is a container made of glass that is commonly used for holding liquids or other substances.

03-04 -2022
How to Make Mason-Jar Candles?

How to make mason-jar candles, we need to prepare more materials. Let's to introduce how to make it. Following are the steps of make mason-jar candles.

03-04 -2022
Can you put sprinkles in candles?

Firstly, when your wax is completely melted keep it warm while you prepare the jar with the sprinkles.

03-04 -2022
Can you put glitter in candles?

Never use glitter when making or using candles. Because glitter and candles don’t mix. When glitter and open flames combine, disasters can happen.

03-04 -2022
Can I burn candles in a plastic container?

Someone always said, can I burn candles in a plastic container?

03-04 -2022
What container is best for candles?

How to choose the best container? there are three very basic safety rules that need to followed: it won't catch fire, leak, crack or break.

01-20 -2022
How do you get thick lotion out of a bottle?

Three steps to get thick lotion out of a bottle

01-19 -2022
How do you decant lotion?

To decant, you can either use the dropper of your travel container to pull out and deposit the product, or use the same syringe method as outlined for the toners.

01-18 -2022
What can I do with empty lotion bottles?

There are many colors, shapes and designs of lotion bottles. What do you do with them once they are empty? Today, I will show you some ways to reuse empty lotion bottles?

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