03-04 -2022
How to Make Mason-Jar Candles?

How to make mason-jar candles, we need to prepare more materials. Let's to introduce how to make it. Following are the steps of make mason-jar candles.

03-04 -2022
Can you put sprinkles in candles?

Firstly, when your wax is completely melted keep it warm while you prepare the jar with the sprinkles.

03-04 -2022
Can you put glitter in candles?

Never use glitter when making or using candles. Because glitter and candles don’t mix. When glitter and open flames combine, disasters can happen.

03-04 -2022
Can I burn candles in a plastic container?

Someone always said, can I burn candles in a plastic container?

03-04 -2022
What container is best for candles?

How to choose the best container? there are three very basic safety rules that need to followed: it won't catch fire, leak, crack or break.

01-20 -2022
How do you get thick lotion out of a bottle?

Three steps to get thick lotion out of a bottle

01-19 -2022
How do you decant lotion?

To decant, you can either use the dropper of your travel container to pull out and deposit the product, or use the same syringe method as outlined for the toners.

01-18 -2022
What can I do with empty lotion bottles?

There are many colors, shapes and designs of lotion bottles. What do you do with them once they are empty? Today, I will show you some ways to reuse empty lotion bottles?

01-18 -2022
How to recycle lotion bottles?

After finishing your lotion bottles, what do you do first? All done with your favorite lotion? Step away from the trash can—and instead follow these easy recycling steps.

01-07 -2022
Three Best Ways to Fill Lotion Bottles.

Many people want to know how to fill lotion bottle​. Today, I will tell you three ways to fill lotion bottles, including dispensing bottles, small squeeze tubes, and travel-sized bottles using either a measuring cup, plastic bag, or filling machine.

01-05 -2022
What are advantages of 30g 50g cream jar?

30g 50g Frosted Glass Cosmetic Cream Jars with lid are made of high grade Glass and PP, ABS, Durable, sturdy and safety. Non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection. Easy to clean, reuse, and recycle.

11-26 -2021
Reuse the old wax instead of throwing it away

No one likes to waste good wax, so you could throw away all the wax gathered from your cleaning shenanigans, or you could find a way to reuse it.

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