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Xuzhou Daxin Glass Product Co., Ltd has supplied glass products for many years. For perfume bottles,beverage bottles,reed diffuser glass bottles,glass vase,lotion bottles etc.,we always have stock.

Color customised available for us.Or if you want to design your own bottle with your logo engraved,welcome!!!

50ml Skin Care Packaging Facial Cosmetic Essence Glass Bottle with Spatula Stick

Accurate Application: The stick applicator allows for precise and targeted application of the serum onto the desired areas, ensuring minimal wastage and maximum efficacy.

Hygienic Dispensing: The stick applicator helps maintain the hygiene of the serum by preventing direct contact with fingers or other contaminants, reducing the risk of contamination and bacterial growth.

Glass Cosmetic Face Serum Bottles Custom Empty Luxury Hair Essential Oil Dropper Bottle

Portability: The compact size of serum bottles with droppers makes them convenient for travel or on-the-go use. They can easily fit into purses, travel bags, or toiletry kits without taking up much space.

Reduced Waste: Droppers help minimize product waste by allowing users to dispense only the amount of serum needed for each application, preventing overuse and ensuring efficient usage of the product.

Lotion Serum Bottle 30ml Liquid Foundation Empty Glass Bottle with Pump for Travel

Portability: The compact size of 30ml bottles makes them highly portable and convenient for travel or carrying in purses and makeup bags. They take up minimal space and are lightweight, allowing users to touch up their makeup on the go.

Economical: While smaller bottles may seem less cost-effective at first glance, they can actually be more economical in the long run. Users can purchase smaller quantities of foundation, allowing them to experiment with different formulas or shades without committing to a larger, more expensive bottle.

Luxury Glass Serum Bottle 30ml Serum Pump Bottle 100ml Oil Serum Bottle

Portability: Both sizes are compact and travel-friendly, allowing users to easily carry them in purses, backpacks, or travel bags. The smaller 30ml size is particularly convenient for on-the-go touch-ups, while the larger 100ml size provides ample product for longer trips or extended use.

Convenience: With smaller bottles, users can conveniently carry their favorite lotion or serum wherever they go, ensuring that they have access to skincare products whenever they need them. The larger 100ml size reduces the frequency of repurchasing, providing more convenience in terms of restocking.

Wholesale 130ml Frosted Glass Toner Bottle Cosmetic Facial Toner Bottle

Unique Aesthetic Appeal: The rectangular or square shape of the bottle provides a distinct and modern aesthetic compared to traditional cylindrical bottles. This unique design can attract attention on store shelves and contribute to a brand's identity.

Space Efficiency: Rectangular or square bottles are often more space-efficient compared to cylindrical ones. They can be arranged neatly on shelves or in storage areas without wasting space, making them ideal for crowded retail environments or compact storage spaces.

30ml 40ml 50ml 100ml 120ml Lotion Glass Bottle for Cosmetics

Reusable Jars to store From Beauty Products, Cream, Liquid, Pills, Powders, Scrubs, Small Accessories, hardware to Kitchen Storage. Easy to Recognize and Keep everything Organized.

Cosmetic Skincare Jar Packaging 50g Glass Cream Jar

Thickened glass material.
Usage: Skin care cream & lotion package. Essential oil package, Perfume package.
Packing: Standard export carton suitable for long-distance transport.

30ml 50ml Serum Bottle Dropper Bottle

Colorful serum bottle – Six high quality 30 ml 50ml glass serum bottles with glass eye dropper in high quality.

DIY tool-- These glass bottles can be as dispensers for home made serums, as essential oil bottles, storing perfumes. Jars are detachable and reusable, they can be cleaned and washed in warm soapy water.

Easy to use - The packaging makes it perfect for travelling and it easily fits in your purse.

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